Research & Development

Formulas of BIOSEA cosmetics were born of expertise and research of Céline Langlais, Doctor of Pharmacy, specialized in natural and organic cosmetics formulation, and expert in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Biosea formulas are the result of knowledge in natural formulation, knowledge of natural raw materials and skin physiology.

The art of the cosmetic formulation by Dr. Céline Langlais is:

  • Choosing the best plants and marine actives, patented actives,
  • Integrating it in 100% natural and innovative galenics,
  • Adapting it to the real needs of the skin depending on age, skin type, lifestyle, the physical and psychological state.
  • For outstanding results.

Constant researches of Céline Langlais are supported by OSEO (Agency which finances innovative French companies)

BIOSEA Laboratory is a member of BDI (Bretagne Développement Innovation).

He was selected by the Region of Brittany in the same way as companies from all sectors in Bretagne for its actions to innovate.

With logic you can go somewhere with imagination, you can go ANYWHERE

H. Wells

A classical cosmetic formula gives logically an ordinary cosmetic product. We have created eally natural and increasingly innovative formulas for best results and health maintained daily.

While many thought our ideas impossible, we persevered in keeping all our dreams because our beliefs are those of a Beauty linked to Health.