Formulas are the result of the best combinations of natural and organic plants, such as Lavender, Acerola, Cornflower, Beech bud extracts and algae such as Chlorella, Laminaria, providing all the power of each formula.

BIOSEA: CosmeBio Formulation

  • Organic plants, rich in actives, offer their soothing, astringent, moisturizing properties ... or vitamins.
  • Algae, rich in trace elements, bring their remineralizing, cells stimulating properties.
  • The natural and soft emulsifiers provide cares very pleasant, comfortable and non-greasy textures.
  • 100% Natural Fragrance of great finesse, certified by Ecocert.

We removed all the ingredients that could affect health and the environment, to retain only the most effective, the finest and the safest ingredients.

Preserve the health ethics.

All our products are formulated:

  • Without Paraben,
  • Without Phenoxyethanol
  • Without methyl chlorisothiazolilone,
  • Without BHA / BHT, EDTA,
  • Without petrochemicals derivatives such as paraffin, petroleum jelly, ozokerite ...
  • Without PEG, PPG,
  • Without silicone,
  • Without artificial coloring,
  • Without synthetic fragrances,
  • Without phthalate,
  • Without acrylate such as carbomer ...
  • Without GMOs,
  • Without nanoparticle