For optimum safety in the SHORT TERM and LONG TERM,

All products have been tested by an independent laboratory.

  • Patch test: Primary Skin Irritation test.
  • Challenge test: Checking the efficiency of conservation system.
  • Eye irritation test.
  • All products were tested under DERMATOLOGICAL control

Each formula has passed all tolerance and stability tests. A dermatologist has validated the safety of each formula.

In addition, a certificate for each product is written by an expert toxicologist.

For us, Beauty rhyme with Efficiency but also with Security.

Products for babies, benefit from additional tests:

  • Hypoallergenicity
  • Ocular stinging effect
  • Phototoxicity

We would like to offer all the guarantees of good tolerance for each of our baby formulas because the baby is a more fragile, more vulnerable to its environment. Every mother wants the best quality for their child, and it is our responsibility to offer quality and all evidence of excellent tolerability.